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It’s the most wonderful time…..

We made it! 11 months of real estate and only one left in 2019! Now that the year is over, let’s take a look and see how we did. Looking at my personal sales data, I can see that overall, inventory was lower, but prices were higher. In an average year, I close about around 85 properties a year. This year looks like it will level out closer to 75 homes, but actual total sales revenue is somewhat higher. So how do we interpret that? I look at it in many ways. For one, I can see that prices have continued to rise.

That wasn’t without a few appraisal issues, but we still managed to push them along. Two, I do believe that with the lower inventory, that some people are holding off in buying and selling until things settle a little, in other words, if they don’t NEED to move, many people are staying put. This last year, my buyer / seller ratio, which is normally 75% seller and 25% buyer, was a little closer to even. The clients I helped tended to be much more along the lines of “need to move” instead of “want to move.” Many were relocation, job transfers or move up because we expanded our family. There were a few first-time buyers, but many were not. Looking to the future, IE 2020, I do anticipate a slow- down. It’s pretty much inevitable. There is a fancy chart we have and review, but let’s make it simple. About every 10 years or so, there is a change in the real estate market. We are past that due date. I do not expect a crash or “bubble” like the last time, but I do think the market will even out and level the playing field between buyers and sellers. The question is, as a seller, do you have enough time to take advantage of the current market? My answer is yes. This is the perfect time of year to list…hear me out. Let’s start with a few questions. When does your house look best? When do more people travel to Florida than any time of the year? I think you know the answers to those questions. To me, the buyers in December are far more serious than any other time of year. People take advantage of their vacation time to look at homes. However, many sellers think it’s best to wait until January, because that’s what they have always been told. The truth is, many sellers do wait, and we end up with limited inventory in December and too many in January. We all know how supply and demand works. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t list in December, but you will definitely have less competition. So, if you are curious about the value of your home and perhaps a look into what you could sell for, drop me a line! Enjoy the holidays and I’ll see you in 2020!

Things I learned in 2019….

With another year just about under my belt, I thought I would look back and share some of my random observations in both business and personal life! Those of you that have been on the mailing list for more than a year, know that the December newsletter is not generally real estate related, so here goes. RANDOM OBSERVATIONS AND THOUGHTS.

  1. Burrata Cheese: I am a foodie and how this amazing cheese avoided my taste buds is beyond me. For those not in the know, Burrata cheese is similar to buffalo mozzarella in appearance, you know the kind you get packed in water in a round ball, BUT when you cut into it, it’s the ricotta texture inside of the most heavenly cheese you will ever eat. Hands down, a revelation in my foodie world and luckily, I can get it at Publix, where shopping is a pleasure.
  2. Where I was born: This is embarrassing to say, and even worse because I messed it up TWICE! For the longest time, as in I am 51 and just realized this; I had always thought I was born in Virginia. That part was correct. Where in Virginia is another story. I had always told people and on legal documents, that I was born in Norfolk Virginia, at the navy base where my dad was stationed. Nope. I was corrected by my mother when she overheard me say this to someone else. She proclaimed that I was born in Hamilton Virginia, not Norfolk. So, I went with that. Problem was, she didn’t really say Hamilton, but rather Hampton. So, I messed it up twice. I guess I should have at some point in my life, look at my birth certificate. Come to think of it, I think she still probably has it.
  3. I don’t like Sushi: Do any of you crave sushi? I know so many people who do. I love the look of Sushi, the idea of it being healthy. I have tried multiple times and. I just can’t stomach it. So, after a long talk with myself, I have determined that I no longer need to try it and that it’s okay, because I eat plenty of other foods. On the flip side, I recently discovered Beyond Meat burgers at my local Publix where shopping… you know. They are delicious and no overly bad for you. Try them out!
  4. Another random thought / observation is going to the movies has become too much of a hassle and I would rather stay home. There. I said it. Don’t get me wrong, I love movies and some of my favorite memories are movies. What I can’t take anymore is the theater and cell phones and general lack of courtesy. I hate to sound like a crabby old man, but c’mon. Turn off your phone and let yourself be carried away into a story. Every time I see that cell phone screen in my peripheral vision, it yanks my out of the film and makes me crazy. It’s the same in the theater. We went to Dr. Phillips Center to watch Les Miserable and people were on phones, or even more fun, late. Whatever happened to being one time and courtesy?
  5. Final thought: I love this time of year! I like the chill in the air, decorations, finding the perfect unexpected gift and catching up with people I may not have seen all year. I will say, that having platforms like Facebook, has really helped in us keeping up with what each of us is going through, but I would trade it all for some face to face real time! This time of year, I make it a point to visit people, swing by the parks and see the decorations, go to dinner with long lost friends and take some much-needed time off to refresh my batteries for the new year!

So, from me to you, have a great end of the year and don’t sweat the small stuff. Remember, a year from now, none of this baggage we carry will really matter. I’m letting go of it all and focusing on a new year and better me! See you in January!


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