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Beyond marketing your home, we also work with local agents to promote your home and secure a buyer.  The terms of a contract are just as important as the offered price for the purchase.  Making sure that the contract is followed and that timelines are kept is critical to a successful closing.  Feedback on the selling process is critical as well to ensure that your home is primed for the highest price possible.  We use automated feedback systems that not only ask what the buyer who viewed the home thought of the price, but also layout, interior, exterior and everything else in between.  Our promise is simple.  We will keep you informed of what is going on with your home during your listing time with us.  We know that the number one reason sellers leave one agent to go to another is due to a lack of communication and NOT because the house did not sell right away.  When a seller receives the right feedback and has proper marketing, sometimes it is just a matter of the right buyer at the right time!

Still not convinced we are the right REALTOR for you?

Put us to the test with NO RISK! Our EASY EXIT LISTING AGREEMENT allows sellers to cancel their listing agreement with NO CANCELLATION FEE!

If you are not happy with our service, we want you to fire us! Of course we are not mind readers and would hope you would give us the chance to make things right if something is not the way you envisioned it, but if you are not happy, we will release you from the listing agreement.  We do this because we know the value of a a good reputation and we know that keeping you in an agreement where you are not happy will only cause “ill will”, so feel free to fire me, you won’t want to, but you can!

If you are thinking about selling your home, let me give you some valuable information.  First thing you should know is that a person can get a real estate license in about 45 days and immediately start selling homes with out any experience!  The class they take pass the test has little to do with how to sell or market a home.  It’s a flawed system and the proof is in the numbers. 93% of agents are gone from the business within 2 years.  That’s a scary percentage.  I have been active in the real estate business since 1999 and have continued to be a top producing agent in both units and volume, while also maintaining an excellent customer service reputation.  You can view those review and credentials HERE and HERE 

You should also know that most agents will not spend money on marketing, in fact when polled, most admitted to spending MAYBE $50.00 a month at the most.  Real estate is a business and requires capital to work.  If you are interviewing more than one agent (and you should), ask the agents how much they spend on marketing and then sit back and watch them stutter.  The truth is most agents don’t spend anything other than their MLS fees.  They will say they are on websites like REALTOR.com, but they don’t pay for it.  It’s a free service to all agents, but you can purchase packages to enhance your listings and get them in front of more buyers.  I am always happy to disclose where we spend our marketing budget.  If you would like to know what questions to ask a potential agent, email me and I will send a free report to help you.


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