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Probate Assistance

My goal here is simple.  Provide the resources you need to get through probate.

Probate is a term you may have heard of before, but if you are here, you might now be somewhat involved in an actual probate.  Probate is not something they really teach you in school and rarely does it come into your life at a convenient time.  I understand the emotional aspects many personal representatives go through when trying to settle the estate of a person who has passed. I created this portion of my business after watching a friend trying to settle his mothers estate.  On top of all the emotion, there was frustration and lack of assistance readily available.  I have taken the time to educate myself about probate and also assembled a group of preferred vendors that share my passion for customer service. By all means, if you need their help, please call or email them.  

Depending on how far along you are in the process, you might not realize the many moving parts of probabte that will effect your day to day life.  Things such as property maintenance and repairs, removal of personal belongings, as well as the sale of the property.  We can assist you with all of this.  Our vendors vary from estate sale facilitators, attorneys, carpenters, cleaners, lawn care professionals , pool maintenance, and just about everything else. I also work with a select few investors who are able to purchase homes for cash.  We usually save that for last, but it is an option. Personally, should you decide to sell your property, it is usually best to get it listed to get competition. I have some unique tools to get your property in front of potential buyers, PRIOR to listing in the MLS.  This is a great tool since many homes must go through a waiting period before being sold.  In any case, it’s always free to chat with us.  


Whether you have probate questions or just need help transferring property, Barry Miller Law and The Closing Agent can guide you. 

Their number is 407-423-1700 or simply click the logo on the left.

Rhino Decor is a small furniture and decor business located in Orlando, Fl. We Buy, Sell, and Haul gently used and refurbished furniture and decor. They also do estate sales.  They will do the sale at the property, or haul to their warehouse and sell it there. 407-590-7148  or click on their logo to visit their website.

I have known Oliver for some time now.  He is an honest man with a great work ethic.  I have had him do renovation work in my own home and in my office.  He can do repair work as well as improvements.

His number is 407-953-4825


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