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Lease to Own Program

Perhaps buying a home is not exactly where you are right now.  You may want to try out an area before you lay down roots, or perhaps you have credit issues that are keeping you for qualifying or maybe you just don’t want to own a home anymore but want to live rent one.  Whatever your reason may be, there are options for you!  If you have ever tried to rent a single family home, you no doubt have been through the frustration of making the appointments, the limited inventory and dealing with potential issue renting directly from the owner.  HomePartners is a unique program that allows you to choose your home right out of the MLS!  Most sellers want to sell and not rent, so rental invnetory can be very limited.  Not with Homepartners!  If it’s in the MLS and meets their standards, you can probably live in it!  Watch the video and if you are interested, email me directly as not all agents are qualified to work with HomePartners.  Enjoy!


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