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Homes for Sale in Windermere FL

Windermere Florida Realtor

If you are thinking about moving to the town of Windermere, you should defintely give me a call.  Windermere is unique in many ways and is not an area you can just drive around and see homes.  With some of the most expensive homes in town, you will need a REALTOR to gain access.  Windermere also has some newer affordable areas that require a little bit of navigation that I can assist you with!  Give me a call or drop me a line,  I’ll help you sort out the details and plan your visit to make the most out of it!

“Windermere among the lakes” is the tag line for Windermere, Florida.  If you look at an airier view, it’s easy to see how it got that name. When I first moved here, Windermere was just a sleepy little town with older homes and dirt roads. Many of the homes backed up to canals that accessed the Butler Chain of lakes.  Over time, developers purchased much of the prime lakefront real estate and created what are now some of the most expensive and exclusive neighborhoods. The most notable community to be created was Isleworth.  You may have heard about this development several years back when Tiger Woods lived there.  Isleworth was known for it’s large, lakefront mansions as well as its golf course.  Over time,

Windermere Florida REALTOR

The are grew to add other notable communities such as Lake Butler Sound and Keenes Pointe. Around the lakes, the smaller “fish camp” style homes were bought up and torn down to create newer and larger homes, taking full advantage of the most beautiful lakes in Florida.  You can go from the first lake, Lake Down, all the way through to pocket lake.  During your boat ride you are bound to see some amazing architecture and also wildlife.  What has not really changed over the years is the quaint down town area.  It’s just a few blocks long and feature brick streets.  If you are visiting, be sure to watch your speed!  They are very strict about the 30 MPH zones.  

In the past decade of so, Windermere has annexed more land into it’s zip code.  Now,  Windermere has a diverse number of homes to choose from, be it condos, townhomes or single family.  There is still plenty of new construction to choose from and if a gated community is your preference, you can find that too.  The schools are amazing, including Windermere Prep.  The area is close by to Walt Disney World and you can find homes literally at  the back entrance of the park!  If you are a boating enthusiast, you definitely want to check this area out.  World famous skiers love this area. There are some very mature neighborhoods with beautiful oaks and I can honestly say some of the most beautiful sunsets you will ever find.  Windermere proper tends to be a close knit community with generations of families that have been there over a 100 years.

If you are thinking about Windermere, give me a call.  I am happy to take you on a quick tour.  I actually had my first real estate position there.  Like some other suburb type towns, it’s important if you are selling to ensure that your agent has the knowledge of the area, but also has the ability to market on a global level.  There are several boutique office in the town that list homes in the area, however due to their size, they simply cannot market on the same level as a branded real estate firm.  They are good agents, but let’s be honest.  A small business in many cases cannot afford to advertise outside of their general area.  The CENTURY 21 brand is not only a global company, it’s is KNOWN world wide and when buyers from outside the area look for a REALTOR, they tend to go with a brand they fell they can trust. The idea that your agent selling your home needs to live within a mile or so from your home is not as true as it once was.  In todays world, you have a much better chance of getting a higher price and better exposure by using a more financed franchise.  That being said, make sure your agent is up to the task.  It’s truly a combination of brand and agent that will get you the best results. If you are thinking about selling in this area, you should give me a call.  I have a proven marketing plan that will outshine the local offices and can back it up with great customer service.