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June Newsletter Article

David Dorman

As we enter into month seven of 2019, I am very optimistic for the rest of the year. Sales, as expected, were great for June and are likely to continue into July and August. What I really liked about June was the number of new construction home orders we took. This helps set us up for the end of the year with homes that we will need to round out the year. New home builders are throwing up a lot of incentives to try and lure buyers.

Be sure to take your agent with you if you are considering new construction. It’s free and in our case, you can get a little rebate from our commission! Anyway, the overall atmosphere is good for home sales. The price points have not really changed from last month and certain price ranges are seeing multiple offers. Now, I will caution you not to wait too long if you are thinking about selling. There is a definite cutoff to activity once school starts. That does not mean all is lost, it just means that there will be fewer buyers for a while once mid-August hits. I always have to remind myself of this time of year. We get through it, but not everyone realizes the importance to buyers of having a home in time to get your child into the school you want. I expect that many buyers will be willing to pay a little more to get closed in time!

I have noticed a trend with some of our offers lately. The agents seem to be getting more and more negligent in what they are delivering us contractually. I am not sure if it’s ignorance or laziness, but the offers we have seen coming across our desks just seem to be lacking more and more. Sadly, the consumers have no idea that their agent is causing the problem by delivering their offer improperly. We always want to make a deal work, but when selling your home, you do want a certain level of competence from the other agent and sometimes, it’s just not there and even though another offer may be for less money, it’s the better choice to ensure a smooth transaction that actually closes. This is based on not only the buyers offer, but the response time etc. from the buyer’s agent, their lender and what types of concessions they put in their offer. It’s so much more than price. Be sure to read this month’s article for some of my personal opinions on the matter. Did I mention we also work with buyers?

Have a great month and as always, feel free to call or email with your questions!


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