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Homes for Sale in Gotha FL

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The town of Gotha was founded in 1885 by German immigrant H. A. Hempel. Hempel Avenue, the “main street” of Gotha, is named in his honor. After buying 1000 acres, the majority of acreage still designated as United States Territory, he laid out a town and named it after his birthplace of Gotha, Germany. He then mailed promotional pamphlets to northern cities, advertising the warm climate and mild winters. In time, several German American families moved to and settled in and around Gotha.

What can I tell you about Gotha that you can’t easily read on Wikipedia?  It’s a sleepy little town that you could easily miss if you blink!  A few fun things Gotha IS known for are the roaming chickens in the area and mostly for Yellow Dog Eats!  This restaurant will rock your culinary world.  Great sandwiches and salads along with some amazing craft beers and wines.  On weekends this place gets packed with locals.  Here is a little secret about the place…if it’s packed but there are seats at the bar, you can avoid the walk up order area and get service.  Sure, you have to tip, but it’s a lot faster!  As for the rest of Gotha, it’s somewhat similar to Windermere with a variety of homes and prices. I can definitely show you around,  Now SELLING in Gotha is a very different animal.  Since it is not widely known but does have it’s own zip code, getting your home noticed online can be tricky.  It’s imperative that you have a strong interest presence and an agent that know the tricks to help buyers find your home. This is not the town to hire just anybody for.  Did I mention I sell homes in this area?  Call me and I’ll guide you through the process. 

Gotha Florida REALTOR